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  • TWS-10i True Wireless Earbuds  2,700
    • Big 13mm drivers with clear audio quality. 
    • Stable Connection with Bluetooth 5.1
    • Touch controls with easy & intuitive actions. 
    • Battery backup of 4 hours on playback & 200 hours on standby. 
    • 30mAh battery on the earbuds & 250mAh battery capacity on the case. 
    • Compatible with IOS/Android/Windows, etc. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds TWS-19  3,200
    • Get 5 hours of nonstop playback.
    • Type-C charging port that fully charges the earbuds in just one hour! 
    • The 320mAh case can charge the earbud around 4 times. 
    • Uses the latest LDS antenna for low-latency transmission. 
    • Has 3 megawatt 13mm drivers for loud but balanced sound. 
    • Wireless range of 10 meters from the source. 
    • Compatible with all Bluetooth media transmission devices. 
    • 6-month warranty. 
  • Remax ANC+ENC True Wireless Earbuds CozyPods W7N  5,400
    • ANC+ENC noise reduction for clear music and calls.
    • Smart touch control for easy operation.
    • Wide compatibility with Android, Apple OS, and Windows.
    • Low power consumption, low latency, stable performance.
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable fit.
    • Stable transmission, audio and video synchronization.
    • Dual noise reduction with ANC+ENC technology.

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  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds AlloyBuds1  3,495
    • 4 hours battery life / 100n hours on standby. 
    • Big 13mm drivers that give a balanced dynamic sound range with moving coil tech. 
    • Uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3 (as of 2022). 
    • Wireless range of up to 10 meters. 
    • Has a built-in mic made especially for calls. 
    • Comes with 6 Months Warranty.
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