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  • REMAX WirelessGaming Headphone RB-750HB  2,395
    • Wireless 5.0, a connection distance of 10-15 meters, faster with less loss.
    • For hands-free HD calls.
    • Protein-imitation leather earmuffs, soft and breathable for long term wearing.
    • Self-adaptive fine tuning telescopic head beam, pressure free wearing.
    • Lightweight and convenient, wired and wireless dual-use mode, not only can be used as a wireless headset, but also as a wired headset.
  • -20%Limited
    Wargod Series Wired Gaming Headphone RM-810  4,390
    • 7.1 virtual channel, 360° stereo surround sound.
    • 53mm large unit, full-range high-fidelity sound.
    • Three EQ sound effects, high-definition calls.
    • Omnidirectional microphone, free bending.
    • Metal-suspended dual head beams, lightweight.
    • Soft earmuffs with protein skin, pressure free wearing.
    • 16.8 million color lightning effects, and four lightning modes.
    • Independent cable control, easier to use.




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