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  • 22.5W Fast Wall Charger RP-U72  1,120 1,150
    • Compact design and easy to store.
    • USB connector that provides a maximum power of 4A(max)22.5W with Fast charger.
    • The adapter is made of high quality fireproof material.Over-voltage protection.
    • Recognize the device automatically and supply power as required by the device.
  • All-In-One 22.5W Multi-Compatible 15000mAh Powerbank RPP-276  6,200
    • A large-capacity 15,000 mAh battery.
    • Integrated AC plug for easy charging.
    • 2 inputs & 3 outputs along with 2 in-built iPhone & Type-C cables for wide compatibility.
    • All input and output ports support fast charge.
    • Digital display to show exact battery percentage.
    • Has an attached phone holder for convenience.
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