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  • Lecho Series 20000mAh Cabled Magnetic Wireless Powerbank RPP-519  6,940
    • Comes with 2 integrated cables: an iPhone charger (Lightning) & an Android charging cable (USB-C.) 
    • Can fast charge your device, even the newer iPhone 14s. 
    • Has MagSafe tech for easy & safe use. 
    • 6 months warranty. 
  • Bole Series 20000mAh Powerbank RPP-521  3,880
    • Has 2 inputs & 3 outputs. 
    • The iPhone 14 can be charged 3.5 times by this 20,000mAh power bank on a single full charge. 
    • Supports PD fast charging. 
    • Fitted with a Li-Polymer battery & multiple safety mechanisms. 
    • Can be taken on airplanes. 
    • 6 months warranty. 
  • Fly Series 20000mAh Powerbank RPP-189  4,960
    • A power bank with 20,000mAh capacity & 3 outputs. 
    • Compatible with iPhones, Android phones & most other modern devices. 
    • Has a transparent housing section that shows the inner circuits. 
    • Capable of charging 3 devices at once. 
    • Allowed & safe on airplanes. 
    • 6-month warranty. (The warranty does not apply to the attached cables, only to the power bank.)
  • Remax 100W 20000mAh Powerbank RPP-508  9,400
    • 100W high-power output for laptops and devices.
    • Longer battery life with 20000mAh capacity.
    • Clear battery level indication with convenient LED display.
    • Crafted with ABS+PC V0 fireproof material for enhanced safety.
    • Stylish electroplated middle frame adds a touch of elegance.
    • Ensures safe and stable operation at all times.
    • Airplane-approved for convenient on-the-go charging.
    • 6 Months Warranty
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