Remax 100W GAN Charger RP-U99


  • Lightweight and durable build with PC fireproof material. 
  • GaN heat dissipation that stops overheating. 
  • Up to 100W max currents for laptops and 65W of max current for phones. 
  • QC & PD compatible. 
  • Works with laptops, phones, & other devices by automatically detecting required power. 
  • Temperature control built-in. 
  • 6 months warranty.

5-Day Returns  • 6 Months Warranty • Free Delivery Over Rs2000.


Delivers High Power From Small Body

Not all high-power chargers are large, the RP-U99 gives you steady high power output even though it is smaller than an ATM card. 100W of power output to meet all your charging needs for laptops and other battery-based personal computers.

Remax Nepal 100W GAN Charger RP-U99
Remax Nepal 100W GAN Charger RP-U99

Supports A Wide Range Of Laptops, Tablets & Phones

3 ports can be used simultaneously on the charger, including 2 Type-C ports and a USB-A port. Macbooks, Surface laptops, and a wide range of other notebook computers are compatible with the RP-U99.

The Coolest Charger

Yes, the RP-U99 is a cool charger but it also stays cool even while it provides power to your devices. The Gallium Nitrate tech used inside the charger dissipates heat faster than other materials to keep itself cool and prevent overheating.

Remax Nepal 100W GAN Charger RP-U99
Remax Nepal 100W GAN Charger RP-U99

Tech Specs

Model Name: Sense Series

Model No: RP-U99

Color: White

Material: PC

Input: AC 100~240V~50 / 60Hz, 2A

USB A Output: 4.5V~5A / 5V~4.5A / 5V~9V / 12V~3A / 20V~3A (60W Max)

USB-C1+C2 Output: 65W+30W (95 Max)

USB-C1+A Output: 65W+30W (95 Max)

USB-C2+A Output: 5V~4.8A (24W Max)

USB-C1+(C2+A): 65W+5V~4.8A (89W Max)

Sense Series GaN 100W RP-U99 

Remax Nepal 100W GAN Charger RP-U99

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