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    Remax Thermal Water Bottle RL-CUP78  1,125
    • Volume: 330ml
    • Ultra-lightweight, the body is only 170G and easy to take out.
    • Inner AUSTENITIC 316 stainless steel with thin copper plating.
    • With stainless steel material that is rust resistant, it can be used for tea, coffee, milk, etc.
    • Easy to open the lid with one hand, safe and leak-proof design.


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    REMAX Coobin Series Water Bottle RT-CUP59  595
    • Volume: 500ml
    • Temperature resistance:-10°C~70°C
    • Food-grade material for safety and health.
    • Put the cup in the refrigerator and freeze it.
    • It takes 2-4 hours, and the freezing time will be affected by the efficiency of different refrigerators.
    • Do not put it in -10°C environment.
    • When the refrigerant in the cup freezes, take it out of the refrigerator and add your favorite drink, you can enjoy it. In summer, you can put the cup in the refrigerator and freeze it repeatedly.
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    Remax Sports Cup Series RL-CUP83  910
    • Volume: 750ml
    • One-handed control, easy to use.
    • Controllable one-button switch, anti-smashing water.
    • Lock switch to prevent water leakage due to accidental touch.
    • The lid has no dead angle design and is easy to clean.

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