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  • TWS-32 True Wireless Earbuds  2,940
    • In-built game and music modes to get the best performance for each situation.
    • Auto wireless pairing and reconnection with free switching compatible with IOS & Android.
    • Long-lasting 15 hours playback time.
    • Easy and intuitive touch control.
    • Hassle-free compatibility with both IOS, Windows & Android.
    • 6-Months Warranty.
  • -17%Limited
    50000mAh Fast Charging Powerbank with Attached DataCable RPP-200  5,975
    • Supports PD fast charging at 18W for both itself ad connected devices.
    • Digital battery status indicating display & LED light comes integrated.
    • Huge 50,000mAh battery capacity.
    • 4 attached data cables: iPhone, type-C, micro-USB, & USB-A (female). 
    • 2 USB-A outputs, a micro-USB input & type-C output. 
    • Supports a two-way fast charge. 
    • Comes with factory-built LED light. 
    • Lanyard/strap for portability.
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker RB-M56  2,980
    • Battery backup of 4 hours on playback & 24 hours standby. 
    • Charges fully from zero in just 2.5 hours.
    • IPX6 Waterproof: can withstand pressurized water from any angle.
    • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
    • Transmission range of 18 meters, almost 80% more than traditional wireless speakers. 
    • Stylish design with non-stick nano-coating. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Kellen Series Case iPhone 11 series  900 975
    • 360-degree protection with soft edge design.
    • Easy to install and remove.
    • High-end crystals and rhinestones set by hand are shining with dazzling brilliance.
    • Fashionable and durable with soft lining for extra security to the back of smartphone.
    • Delicate design, raised lip for better camera lens protection and easy access to all phone ports and buttons.
  • 22.5W Fast Wall Charger RP-U72  725 745
    • Compact design and easy to store.
    • USB connector that provides a maximum power of 4A(max)22.5W with Fast charger.
    • The adapter is made of high quality fireproof material.Over-voltage protection.
    • Recognize the device automatically and supply power as required by the device.
  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds TWS-40  3,385
    • In-ear wireless earbuds provide a snug fit and incredible audio experience.
    • Low latency for real-time gaming audio.
    • Short charging time and adequate battery life.
    • Supports a range of protocols for smooth audio in games, movies, calls, etc.
    • Offers a 400-mah charging case with 70 hours of standby time.
    • The larger driver size gives a balanced frequency range with stronger bass.
    • Windows, IOS & Android compatible.
    • 6-Months Warranty.
  • -17%Limited
    Remax 120W 4 Port GAN Charger TR-257  6,490
    • Max output of 120W. 
    • 4 ports: 2 USB-C & 2 USB-A. 
    • Fast charging compatible. 
    • GaN tech for cool operation. 
    • Intelligently built. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Wireless Live-Stream Microphone K02 (1 Microphone 1 Connector)  1,725
    • Noise-reducing mic with connector. 
    • Compatible with most Android & IOS Devices. 
    • Transmission range of up to 20 meters. 
    • Comes with wind noise reduction foams and a cleverly engineered mic.
    • 10 hours of battery backup & can be used while charging your phone.  
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Bole Series 30000mAh Powerbank RPP-522  4,480
    • Has a two-way fast-charging enabled type-C port along with 2 USB-A output ports. 
    • Complies with airline safety standards. 
    • Capable of 22.5-watt super fast charging with PD+QC protocols. 
    • Available in 2 elegant colors. 
    • 30,000mAh battery capacity. 
    • Short circuit protection along with more electrical fail safes. 
    • 6 months warranty. 
  • -30%Limited
    Remax Nepal 3 in 1 wireless charger RP-W61
    Remax Nepal 3 in 1 wireless charger RP-W61
    15W Multifunctional 3-in-1 Wireless Charger RP-W61  2,940
    • Works with any wireless charging-enabled device. (Compatible with iPhone 14 series & newest Apple devices as well).
    • Fast charges up to 3 devices at once. 
    • Up to 8mm charging range. 
    • Made with fireproof plastics. 
    • Has multiple electrical protection mechanisms. 
    • 6 months warranty. 
  • -15%Limited
    Remax Hunergy Series 30000mAh Powerbank RPP-199  4,420
    • Compatible with most modern & old devices. 
    • Capable of 22.5W fast charging. 
    • A max of 6 devices can connect at once via any of the 4 integrated cables & 3 input ports. 
    • Has 20W PD fast charging enabled for safer & faster charging. 
    • Includes built-in LED lights for convenience & utility. 
    • Battery capacity of 30,000mAh.
  • Gravity Series Cable For Type-C  725
    • Ergonomic magnetic USB tip for easy plug/unplug
    • Protection and flame resistance
    • Strong and flexible wire with long life span
    • Very Durable cable  
  • Crystal Series Case for iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max  450
    • The soft TPU material makes the case very light and flexible and also serves to absorb impacts that occur when it falls or falls.
    • A very fit design with the iphone 11 pro / pro max makes your iphone look cool and fashionable.
    • The soft case comes with a cool and elegant color to wear on your iphone.


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