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  • Remax Pitta Mask  500
    •  Anti-haze , anti-infection.
    • Anti-dust , anti-allergy and anti-solid smoke
    • Lightweight and breathable,
    • Fashionable and easy matching,
    • Can be washed repeatedly.
  • Remax XII Zone Gaming Mouse V3501  2,590
    • Ergonomic Design
    • 5000 DPI Sensor
    • Extra Buttons
    • RGB Light
    • High Sensitivity to Enhance the Gaming Experience
    • Designed to Meets the Expectations of a Professional Gamer

    Out of stock

  • Remax Desktop Phone Holder RM-C54  1,280
    • Compatible with phones and tablets of upto 12 inches and the stand has a height of 7 inches.
    • Stable stand with a firm holder so that your phone remains secure.
    • Durable metal shaft for added durability and wear resistance. 
    • 118 degrees rotation angle. 
    • Designed for portability with a foldable stand. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • 2 in 1 Wireless Live-Stream Microphone K03  3,200 3,600
    • Two microphones & a receiver can be used independently or together. 
    • Compatible with IOS & Android devices. 
    • Twenty meters (20m) transmission distance. 
    • Wind noise reduction muffs/foams. 
    • Sensitive diaphragm with clear audio reception. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Live Streaming Stabilizer P30  1,500
    • 360º rotation, all round following shots.
    • Fast face recognition with high accuracy.
    • Easy to use, longer battery life.
    • Upgraded clamp, more stable, anti-tremble shooting.
    • Fully compatible with main live-streaming APPs.
  • Remax Clip Microphone for Smart Phones K06  540
    • In-built noise reduction and outer foam to help decrease wind blow. 
    • Easy to use, plug and play design. 
    • Comes with an integrated clip. 
    • Has a 3.5mm jack.
    • Includes a high-quality condenser. 
    • Records omnidirectionally.
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Remax Desktop Phone Holder RM-C08  2,400
    • Adjustable stand and clamp. 
    • Supports devices ranging from 4 inches to 13 inches in size. 
    • The stand can be extended up to 47.5cm and compressed to 31 cm for portability. 
    • Freely adjustable joints for better viewing angles. 
    • Place your device vertically or horizontally. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Remax Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone K05  3,990
    • High sound quality with balanced frequencies. 
    • Long 8 hour battery life & 4 hour charging time. 
    • Wireless compatibility with most devices. 
    • Also supports a wired connection via USB cable. 
    • Built-in phone holder for lyrics and changing music.
    • Comfortable design for hands. 
  • REMAX Coobin Series Water Bottle RT-CUP59  595
    • Volume: 500ml
    • Temperature resistance:-10°C~70°C
    • Food-grade material for safety and health.
    • Put the cup in the refrigerator and freeze it.
    • It takes 2-4 hours, and the freezing time will be affected by the efficiency of different refrigerators.
    • Do not put it in -10°C environment.
    • When the refrigerant in the cup freezes, take it out of the refrigerator and add your favorite drink, you can enjoy it. In summer, you can put the cup in the refrigerator and freeze it repeatedly.
  • Remax Sports Cup Series RL-CUP83  910
    • Volume: 750ml
    • One-handed control, easy to use.
    • Controllable one-button switch, anti-smashing water.
    • Lock switch to prevent water leakage due to accidental touch.
    • The lid has no dead angle design and is easy to clean.
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