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  • Remax Clip Microphone for Smart Phones K06  540
    • In-built noise reduction and outer foam to help decrease wind blow. 
    • Easy to use, plug and play design. 
    • Comes with an integrated clip. 
    • Has a 3.5mm jack.
    • Includes a high-quality condenser. 
    • Records omnidirectionally.
    • 6 months warranty.
  • Remax Pitta Mask  500
    •  Anti-haze , anti-infection.
    • Anti-dust , anti-allergy and anti-solid smoke
    • Lightweight and breathable,
    • Fashionable and easy matching,
    • Can be washed repeatedly.
  • SaleLimited
    Wireless Live-Stream Microphone K03 (2 Microphones 1 Connector)  2,400 2,700
    • Two microphones & a receiver can be used independently or together. 
    • Compatible with IOS & Android devices. 
    • Twenty meters (20m) transmission distance. 
    • Wind noise reduction muffs/foams. 
    • Sensitive diaphragm with clear audio reception. 
    • 6 months warranty.
  • SaleLimited
    Wireless Live-Stream Microphone K02 (1 Microphone 1 Connector)  2,160
    • Noise-reducing mic with connector. 
    • Compatible with most Android & IOS Devices. 
    • Transmission range of up to 20 meters. 
    • Comes with wind noise reduction foams and a cleverly engineered mic.
    • 10 hours of battery backup & can be used while charging your phone.  
    • 6 months warranty.
  • SaleLimited
    Remax Sports Cup Series RL-CUP83  910
    • Volume: 750ml
    • One-handed control, easy to use.
    • Controllable one-button switch, anti-smashing water.
    • Lock switch to prevent water leakage due to accidental touch.
    • The lid has no dead angle design and is easy to clean.
  • LED Foldable Eye Protecting Lamp RL-E270  4,200
    • Gentle on the eyes: provides a flicker-free lighting for reading, working, or studying.
    • Calendar, thermometer and time display screen.
    • RGB illuminating base to add ambience in night time.
    • Touch sensitive control panel
    • Customizable illumination: led desk lamp features 3 color temperature modes with 5 brightness levels each.
    • Modern foldable design: naturally fits with any type of decor, including office or bedroom.
    • Energy efficient led: desk lamp helps you reduce the electricity bill by up to 75%.
  • -25%Limited
    Remax Konji Series Car Holder RM-C02  585
    • Minimalistic form factor.
    • Heavy-duty make and long-lasting materials. 
    • Easily attaches to your dashboard. 
    • Small form factor. 
    • Gravity sensing grip with anti-slipping technology. 
    • Ease to use with one hand
    • Rotates 360 degrees when needed for vertical and horizontal use.
  • Remax Time Pro Series LED Lamp RT-E510  2,480
    • Advanced light-emitting technology, no dazzling and no flicker, the light is soft and most eye-friendly
    • Lamp beads with extremely small light decay and long life
    • Touch switch, brightness can be adjusted, easy to operate
    • Built-in large capacity rechargeable battery, long use time
    • Folding structure, smaller volume
    • Double-sided LCD screen, high-end atmosphere and high-grade
    • Built-in perpetual calendar, time and date are clearly visible
    • Built-in temperature sensor, real-time display of current temperature
    • Colorful atmosphere lights, dreamlike world
    • The light source can be adjusted 180 degrees up and down, left and right, and multi-angle lighting is more convenient
  • Remax Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone K05  3,990
    • High sound quality with balanced frequencies. 
    • Long 8 hour battery life & 4 hour charging time. 
    • Wireless compatibility with most devices. 
    • Also supports a wired connection via USB cable. 
    • Built-in phone holder for lyrics and changing music.
    • Comfortable design for hands. 
  • -25%Limited
    Remax Phone Holder for Bike RM-C01  1,110
    • Fits handlebars ranging from 20mm to 32mm. 
    • Made with strong ABS plastic. 
    • Adjustable clamps and joints. 
    • Double screw system for maximum stability. 
    • Automatically locks the phone in place with a turnscrew. 
    • Weighs only 150.4 grams. 
    • Variants for motorcycles and bicycles are available.
  • LED Lamp RL-LT05  5,900
    • A stylish design that will serve as a futuristic decor.
    • 80º free angle adjustment.
    • Three color temperature modes, cold, warm, or mixed.
    • 6 level of brightness.
    • Safe and comfortable light for the eyes.
    • Stable and reliable structure with a round base.
  • AUDIO CABLE 3.5MM AUX L100  405
    • Length: 1 metre
    • Durable Plug 3.5mm AUX Audio Conversion.
    • Compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablets, bluetooth speakers, car equipment.
    • A beveled step-down design allows plugs to be fully connected, even when bulky cases are on your device.
    • Good tensile strength; Good weathering resistance; Environmental protection.
  • Remax Tour Series 100W PD+QC Fast Charging Car Charger RCC326  2,980
    • Has 2 outputs, Type-C (PD 100 watts max) & USB-A (QC 30 watts max).
    • Compatible with most cars. 
    • Supports 99% of phones, tablets, laptops & other devices. 
    • 6 months warranty. 
  • Click Series Aluminum Rotary Tablet Holder RM-C11  2,460
    • 360-rotating swivel for maximum convenience. 
    • Has rubber pads to protect your device from scratches. 
    • Stable & secure grip. 
    • 60 degree adjustable stand. 
  • Remax Multifunctional Car Jump Starter 6000mAh RPP-511  8,500
    • 6000mAh battery; supports 10 jump starts from a single full charge. 
    • Can jump start even a 4 liter (4000 CC) petrol car or a 2 liter (2000 CC). 
    • Has an SOS alarm, flashing LED light & a normal LED flashlight. 
    • Comes with detachable positive & negative clips. 
  • -30%Limited
    Remax Dual-Core Semi conductor Clip Phone Cooler RT-F1  2,100
    • Dual fan configuration for extra cooling. 
    • Comes with RGB lights. 
    • Has a stand interface perfect/mount point for livestreams. 
    • Fan speed can be controlled with built-in buttons. 
    • Has digital phone temperature display.
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