Enjoy music on the go with our selection of wireless earbuds. Designed for maximum comfort and sound quality, our earbuds are perfect for workouts, commutes, and more.

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  • TWS-32 True Wireless Earbuds  2,940
    • In-built game and music modes to get the best performance for each situation.
    • Auto wireless pairing and reconnection with free switching compatible with IOS & Android.
    • Long-lasting 15 hours playback time.
    • Easy and intuitive touch control.
    • Hassle-free compatibility with both IOS, Windows & Android.
    • 6-Months Warranty.
  • Remax ANC True Wireless Earbuds TWS-46
    • Refined HD sound quality. 
    • Active Noise Cancellation for media and calls. 
    • Battery standby of 200 days and max playback of 3 hours. 
    • Charges in just 1.5 hours. 
    • Earbuds have a 35mAh battery & Case has a 300mAh battery. 
    • Multiple supported protocols (A2DP/AVCTP/AVRCP/HFP). 
    • Bluetooth 5.0 has a transmission range of 10 meters. 
    • Intuitive touch control. 
    • 6 months warranty.

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  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds TWS-40  3,385
    • In-ear wireless earbuds provide a snug fit and incredible audio experience.
    • Low latency for real-time gaming audio.
    • Short charging time and adequate battery life.
    • Supports a range of protocols for smooth audio in games, movies, calls, etc.
    • Offers a 400-mah charging case with 70 hours of standby time.
    • The larger driver size gives a balanced frequency range with stronger bass.
    • Windows, IOS & Android compatible.
    • 6-Months Warranty.
  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds TWS-10i Metal  4,380
    • Provides stable transmission, ensuring a smooth and fast user experience.
    • Made from delicate and stylish zinc alloy material.
    • Mini-sized and easy to carry around, making it a perfect travel companion.
    • Designed to be lightweight, offering pressure-free wearing.
    • Equipped with a real 13mm composite moving coil speaker, delivering a more powerful sound.
    • Features tap control functionality, providing freer operation for its users.
  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds TWS-48  2,720
    • Has in-built noise reduction to remove almost 90% of surrounding noise. 
    • Extended wireless range of 15 meters. 
    • 6 hours of use from a single charge. 
    • Bigger than normal: 13mm drivers. 
    • Comes with a 6-month warranty. 
  • Remax True Wireless Earbuds AlloyBuds1  4,480
    • 4 hours battery life / 100n hours on standby. 
    • Big 13mm drivers that give a balanced dynamic sound range with moving coil tech. 
    • Uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3 (as of 2022). 
    • Wireless range of up to 10 meters. 
    • Has a built-in mic made especially for calls. 
    • Comes with a 6-month warranty. 
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